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COVID-19 Has Turned Many Industries Upside Down – Will the World Never Be the Same Again?

Published on: 06/19/2020

Is COVID-19 the Next AIDS? Vaccine Development Efforts Suggest a Long Road Ahead
Much has already been written about the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread its tentacles to every part of the globe. While the general public assumes a vaccine to be a magical panacea that will...

Could a Post-COVID Supply Chain Take Shape in Asia By Excluding China?

Published on: 06/19/2020

Too Many Eggs in Wuhan’s Basket Has Cracked the Global Supply Chain
It’s now safe to call COVID-19 a black swan event that few could have predicted just four months ago. Although it’s still early to state the full economic impact of COVID-19 on the global supply chai...

Six Helpful Steps to Get Companies Back in Black From COVID-19 Blues

Published on: 06/19/2020

It’s now safe to say that COVID-19 is a black swan event that took the world by shock. While experts had long warned of the dangers of overexploiting natural resources, the sheer extent to which this virus disrupted global supply chains is unprecedented in modern memory. Wuhan plays a vita...


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