A Complete Guide to Corporate Wellness Programs: Why Employee Health Matters

A Complete Guide to Corporate Wellness Programs: Why Employee Health Matters

It is a fact that today's workforce has been looking for more work/life balance; therefore corporate wellness industry is on a surge. Today's employees want to work for a company that understands that their mental health is a priority.

In the various corporations, employee wellness programs have become a staple to keep employees positive, attract new talents and decrease employees turnover in the organization.

There are various solutions offered by the corporate wellness programs, such as enhancing employees' engagement, healthy habits among employees & improving health outcomes, and upsurging the productivity of the employees in the workplace.    

According to the report published by Credible Markets, The Global Corporate Wellness market size was at USD 61.2 Billion in 2021, and it is predicted that it will reach a valuation of USD 134.02 Billion by the end of 2030 with an annual development rate (CAGR) of 9.1% between 2022 and 2030.

Are there any benefits of a corporate wellness program?

Organizations across the world have started introducing corporate wellness programs in their workplace. Corporate fitness programs or wellness programs have been more popular than ever. These programs can be a great way to endorse good health behavior at the workplace. They can be informative, funny, and engaging. Furthermore, if the wellness program is well designed, then it brings down the employee's absenteeism and cuts down the healthcare cost.         

As per the survey done by the Harvard Business Review, 79% of employees were extremely satisfied and content who participated in a health and wellness program.  

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We have enlisted some of the outstanding benefits of wellness programs:

Increase Productivity:

As per the study conducted by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the level of employee's productivity has improved, and it resulted in saving money for their employees.

Reduce the Risk of Disease:

Health behaviors can reduce health risks that can lead to less chronic diseases. Most of the health problems, such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, etc., are the result of poor nutrition choices and lack of exercise.

Implementing wellness programs for employees can help them make healthier choices, consequently making them healthier in the long run. Apparently, when they eat healthily and exercise regularly, they enhance their health and lower the risk of health problems.

Improve Employee Retention:

Employee attrition is a big issue for corporates, as it hampers their money and time. The wellness program has a strong positive impact on employee retention. A successful wellness program has the ability to keep employees loyal. If employers can facilitate employees for achieving their personal goals by introducing the wellness program, it can make them loyal.   

Improve Employee Morale:

Employees' happiness and morale are substantial factors for establishing the company's success. The employee gets a sense of satisfaction due to participation in the health and wellness program, leading to creating a happier and more productive workforce. 

Breaks the Monotony:

Employees' morals and productivity is lowered ascribed to doing the same thing over and over again regularly, and it makes work repetitive, boring and tiring. 

Employees' engagement improves, and they feel motivated; this can be credited to participation in a wellness program. Learning and doing new things that contribute towards fitness and good health is entertaining and beneficial at the same time.   

Wellness programs create exuberance among employees and create a wonderful work environment.     

Final Take Away:

Various corporate wellness programs are designed to target chronic conditions that are easily addressable, which results in reducing pain, saving lives, and cutting costs. As our culture moves forward, cognizance of the significance of health and well-being is likely to upsurge.       

The Corporate Wellness program has a positive impact on the overall organizational culture of corporations. It leads to facilitates the home and personal lives of employees.

Because healthier and happier employees become healthier, happier mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and friends. 

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