According to the analysis of the board games market worth, it an estimated to grow at $11.7 billion globally during the last year.

According to the analysis of the board games market worth, it an estimated to grow at $11.7 billion globally during the last year.

According to the analysis of the board games market worth, it an estimated to grow at $11.7 billion globally during the last year. While in recent year's China is leading in generating sales of US $134.9 billion annually. 

Board Gaming Market- Introduction

Board Games are games that are played using a board, where small counter pieces are arranged and moved while playing over the board (tabletop). However, these games also involve cards and dice games. Skills and strategies are required to play the board games such as chess, carom board, a dice game, and cards and are popular games in the market. Specifically, youth and kids usually play board games for recreational and learning purposes. But not only young but also any age group people can play board games for entertainment and improving skills as it requires fewer physical efforts. Whereas, the board game improves the skill of team building, problem-solving skills, and active learning skills.

Board Gaming Market- Overview

The board games are available on retail distribution and online networks. They are sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialty stores, department stores, mass-market, free-standing toy stores, small chain stores, and catalog stores. The board game sale in specialty stores and supermarkets are consistently high worldwide. Although the online trade is increasing and so the trading of board games is done through specialty stores and mass-market players. However, the sudden strike of the covid-19 pandemic has affected the retail sale sector drastically.

Board Games Market- Importance 

Playing board games increase brain function- Playing is an exercise for the brain. Playing inspires the brain areas and it is also responsible for the formation of memory and improving complex thoughts processes for all ages. Improves strategic thinking and problem-solving thoughts.

Board Game playing teaches how to stay patient and set goals- Playing board games in a happy environment many things can be learned and winning a game takes strategic thinking along with patience.

Playing board games reduces stress- Board game gives an experience of enjoyable learning and increases creativity. The side effect of playing a board game is laughter. Having a good time and laughter assist to reduce stress.

Boardgame can be played anywhere and at any time- The big benefit of the board game is that it has no restrictions and can be played anywhere at any time.

Board Games-Market size

During the year 2020 to 2024, the size of the board games market is estimated to grow by the US $2.15 billion and Marketa’s growth momentum is estimated growth at a CAGR of 6.64%.

Board Games market- Segmentation

The board games market is segmented on the basis of product type, distribution channel, and geographic region.

Board Games Market-by product types

Tabletop, Card and Dice, Role Playing.

During the base year, the tabletop segment is accounted to hold the largest market shares.

Board Games Market- by distribution channel

Offline and online. The offline distribution channel acquires the largest market share during the forecast period.

Board Games Market- by geographic region

North America, Europe, South Africa, MEA, and Asia-Pacific. North America acquired a large market share of USD 4.4 billion during the year 2019 and growing at 10% CAGR in upcoming years.

Board Gaming Market- Key Players

  • Atlas Games
  • Asmodee Holding
  • CMON Ltd
  • Franckh-Kosmos Verlags GmbH and Co.
  • Hasbro Inc.
  • Mattel Inc.
  • Ravens’ burger Group
  • The Goliath Games LLC

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