Drone Logistics and Transportation Market to Soar High as Promise of E-commerce Deliveries Shoot Up

Drone Logistics and Transportation Market to Soar High as Promise of E-commerce Deliveries Shoot Up

Drones have been around the military operations for ages. The British used a radio-controlled air component during world war 1. However, its business promise had never capitalized until now, due to tremendous potential costs, and technical viability. Today, tech giants like Amazon, among multiple others have come forward to test the waters of drone technology. The rising research in drone technology, and its promising use for making deliveries promises to register tremendous growth in the global drone logistics, and transportation market. According to Goldman Sachs reports estimated that the market was valued at nearly $100 billion during 2016-2020. Some are noting even more optimistic projections, as drones promise to expand in major areas like security monitoring, asset monitoring, storm tracking, express deliveries, and even firefighting. The technology promises no holds-barred development as it promises to undertake tedious, repetitive, and even dangerous tasks that manual labour fails at exceeding expectations at the same pace, and within similar costs.  

Drones as Air-Taxis, and Carriers for Consumer Goods to Drive Robust Major Growth

According to Business Standard reports, Singapore will be the first city to host an air taxi in 2023. The company, Volocopter Gmbh is in process of trials, and regulatory approval, and will fly the world’s first electric air taxi between locations in the city, and across a Singaporean state. The taxi will charge a notable $364 fees for a fifteen-minute flight. This flight takes off vertically, making it possible for the air taxi to be launched from anywhere within a city, and guaranteeing growth for a new mode of urban transport. The rising traffic congestion in cities, rising incomes among high-income groups, and demand for clean-fuel driven aerial vehicles will likely bring the much needed good news to a large group of urban consumers. With rising adoption, the exuberant costs will also go down, as electric vehicle will promise major savings in fuel-costs as electric infrastructure grows globally.

According to a study published in the journal of Physics, the development of civilian transport will likely overtake development of military drones as large consumer masses will likely drive nearly 19% growth per year, as opposed to 5% growth for the military segment. Moreover, the paper also reports that companies with advantages in manufacturing civilian air taxis. Such developments are already in motion as companies like the Aerovironment, which supported development of UAVs for the US military. Moreover, the development of carrier drones, and rising investment in this field by Amazon, and Google will be key to its growth in the global drone and transportation market in near future.

Automated Systems Will Remain Key as Applications Grow in Industries 

The automated systems for drone repairs, and maintenance continue to promise timely actions, and immense cost-savings in the long run. The drone services promise a major breakthrough for various industries. However, without the automated technical prowess to repair, and maintain drones, various industries like oil, and energy will not benefit from the complete potential of drone development. Moreover, drones will likely undertake from various government authorities in areas like wildlife conservation, firefighting, and patrolling busy areas for traffic management. The automation of repairs, and access to uninterrupted services will remain key for growth of drone logistics, and transportation market in near future.

Drone logistics, and transportation despite its tremendous promise in areas like parcel deliveries has not capitalized as expected. Instead, drone application continues to grow in areas like agriculture, construction, utilities, energy, oil and gas, real estate, and news services. Moreover, drones will also drive growth in the entertainment industry as promise of virtual fireworks with drone-based lighting continues to sell tickets at the planned Olympics in Japan. Moreover, the application for drone services in emergency services also remains a promising draw on the horizon for players in the drone logistics, and transportation market.

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