Global CAD in The Apparel Market Will Grow Instantly at A CAGR of 5% Approximately During the Forecast Period

Global CAD in The Apparel Market Will Grow Instantly at A CAGR of 5% Approximately During the Forecast Period

The CAD in the Apparel market is growing at a substantial growth rate over the previous few years and is predicted that the market will grow considerably during the forecast period that is 2021 to 2028.


The computer-Aided Design known as CAD is the software utilized for design making like mechanical designs and designing documentation. For manual drafting methods, the CAD software is used as an alternative as it is an automated method for mechanical designs. The CAD software provides development and manufacturing processes by facilitating in-detailed designs and information regarding the product such as the material of the product, dimensions, tolerances, and conventions, etc. Mainly, CAD software creates a conceptual design, product layout along assembly processes. It also plays an important role in generating environmental-based impact reports, where the CAD creates a new structure of rendering appearance when in process.

Market Overview-

According to the research, the global CAD in the apparel market will grow instantly at a CAGR of 5% approximately during the forecast period. However, the CAD offers product designing and analysis capability. From the end user’s perspective, this ability of software will benefit the economy and will result in the growth of the market. While the increasing requirement of reducing the time in the development of products is the major factor driving the CAD in the apparel market.

Whereas the apparel industry needs a high level of personalization, and high demand for apparel customization has grown the CAD solution demand across the market. However, initially, industries depend on mass production which results in cost reduction. This trend has changed along with time and is being replaced by the concept of mass personalization which is taking place in many companies. The ability of the CAD software to decide the material cost during making design is resulting in the growth in adoption during the forecast period.

Importance of CAD in Apparel Market-

Using this CAD software, the fashion designer can generate the latest patterns, sketches, and prints more precisely and quickly. The CAD helps to create multiple variations of a single design/style and adapt it for variable patterns and materials. Various designs can be created in many variations and can be stored in the software is the major advantage of CAD software. Numerous designs can be created in mechanical designing and can be displayed in various views like front view, top view, and side view. It assists in the latest design making for engineers of every field.

Market Driver-

Increasing CAD requirements in pattern making, Making Markers, Sketching, Growth in apparel production are the driving factors of the growth of the CAD in the Apparel market globally.

Market Size-

In 2016, the Global CAD in Apparel market net profit was in Million USD and increased to Million USD in the year 2020 and is predicted to reach Million USD in 2026 with a considerable CSGR during the year 2021 to 2026.

Segmentation of Market-

Global CAD in the Apparel market is segmented on the basis of types, applications, and regions.

By Types- 3D and 2D.

3D segment holds the largest market share globally in the forecast period.

By Application- Pattern Making, Grading Patterns, Sketching, Apparel Production, and Making Markers.

The Apparel production dominates the growth of the market in the upcoming years.

By Region- Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World.

North America is predicted to acquire the largest market share globally during the forecast period.

Players in CAD in Apparel Market-

  • Gemini CAD System
  • Dassault Systems
  • Nanosoft
  • VariCAD
  • Caddie Software
  • EFI Opitek
  • Autodesk Inc.
  • Gerber AccuMark
  • Kubotek USA
  • Lectra
  • Menhirs NV
  • Cadix Ltd.
  • Tukatech

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