Global Corn Gluten Feed and Meal Market is expected to increase by 2026

Global Corn Gluten Feed and Meal Market is expected to increase by 2026

The Global Corn gluten feed and meal market is expected to observe massive development opportunities during the gauge time period owing to the expanding interest for protein rich animal feed.

Corn Gluten Feed and Meal: Introduction

Corn gluten feed and meal is the central protein of corn- maize endosperm comprising predominantly of zein and glutelin. It is a by-product of corn handling that has generally been utilized as an animal feed. Corn gluten doesn't comprise genuine gluten, which is designed by the cooperation of gliadin and glutenin proteins.

Gluten is comprised of prolamins and glutelin protein which are gotten from grain, corn and different barley. To support protein content in water feed and pet feed gluten is utilized on ordinary premise. Corn gluten feed is a subordinate of wet corn processing producing unit which is likewise used in assembling of syrup, oil acquired from corn, starch and sugars.

Dry and wet corn gluten is superb feed with various applications in dairy and meat cattle industry. Corn gluten feed involves huge measure of supplements like digestible fibre, minerals, proteins and some other fundamental parts. With expansion in animal welfare and developing sanitation concerns, there is a shift towards gluten substitute to fishmeal in aquaculture.

Market overview

The corn gluten feed and meal market are basically determined by the ascent in demand for corn-based snack items just as gluten free items. Where latest trends prompt consistent item advancement and improvement in terms of ingredients and item variations which is fundamental for the sustainability in the business.

Developing interest for the corn flour by snacks players globally is likewise liable for driving the market development. Because of long term environmental impacts of synthetic chemicals customers are moving towards the natural weed and feed control items which incorporates corn gluten meal.

Likewise, in Ontario pesticides are restricted because of pointless danger to human health which expanded the interest for the corn gluten feed and meal. One of the vital drivers for the increment popular for the corn gluten meal is utilization of ethanol as a fuel is expanding overall which is acquired from corn gluten feed and meal.

Market segmentation: Analysis

The Global Corn gluten feed and meal market is segmented by nature, application, processing method, and region.

On the basis by nature – Organic, and convectional.

According to the nature segmentation, rising interest for natural and organic substitutes is likely to portray the extensive development in the worldwide corn gluten feed and meal market.

On the basis by application – Livestock (Poultry, Swine, and Cattle), Pet food, and Aquaculture.

According to the application segmentation, livestock hold the largest market share owing to the huge populace and growing demand from the beef and dairy industries.

On the basis by processing method – Dry, and Wet.

According to the processing method, dry corn gluten segment reported for the major market share of more than 60% in terms of worth.

On the basis by region – South America, Middle East and Africa, Asia- Pacific, North America, and Europe.

According to the region, North America segmentation dominates the market with the largest share because of the popularity for gluten feed and meal from the region’s huge meat industry.

Major manufacturers in the global Corn Gluten Feed and Meal Market are:

  • M Food Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Tate and Lyle
  • Cattle Feed
  • ADM
  • HL Agro

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