Global Disposable and Reusable Mask Sales Market Drives Growth as Infectious New Strain Spreads

Global Disposable and Reusable Mask Sales Market Drives Growth as Infectious New Strain Spreads

The global disposable, and reusable mask sales market promises tremendous growth to reach $74.85 bn in valuation during the first quarter of 2020. The market will likely expand at 51.0% CAGR during 2020 to 2027. The rising death toll in major markets like the US, and growing awareness worldwide, especially in Europe will provide a major boost for the global disposable and reusable mask sales market.

Disposable masks are widely used in the healthcare sector. Doctors, and other key medical professionals remain at the forefront of battle against the coronavirus. Moreover, despite the promising sign of vaccination, new strains of coronavirus continue to evolve in new regions. Hence, this battle will likely continue longer than most would like. Moreover, medical professionals remain at high-risk to the virus, as contamination of medical equipment, and rising level of infectiousness of the UK strain promises grave threats in the near future.

E-Commerce Will Emerge as Key Opportunity for Players in the Global Market

During the worldwide lockdowns at the beginning the pandemic, the e-commerce sector made major gains globally. E-commerce websites like Amazon, Ebay, among others received hundreds of millions of visitors during the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, the distribution of disposable, and reusable masks remain a promising prospect as new fabrics, rising air pollution, and new varieties of mask promise to drive growth among high-income social groups. However, rising influx of counterfeit products may prove to be a challenge for growth in the near future.

As e-commerce spreads its wings, the low-cost varieties of masks, gloves, sanitizers continue to make their way in the e-commerce ecosystem. This problem has plagued even major giants like Amazon in recent times. Moreover, the rising demand for coronavirus essentials, and rising frauds online remain a major barrier to growth for large players in the global disposable and reusable mask sales market.

Plastic Masks Remain Most Popular, to Occupy Largest Market Share 

Plastic protective masks make up more than 35% share of the global disposable and reusable mask sales market. The low-cost, easy-to-use, and high safety value of these masks make them an attractive proposition for most players. Moreover, plastic mask also includes masks like N-95 which provide additional layers of protection, and are preferred by healthcare workers for their long-term use. The plastic varieties such as polypropylene also protect against wide range of polluants, and infections, making them ideal for healthcare workers.

Industrial Use Remains at Its Peak in Revenues Despite Tremendous Growth in Personal Segment

The global disposable and reusable mask sales market is divided into industrial, and personal segment. The growing demand for personal use remains a highlight for this year, thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. However, despite the tremendous growth, the industrial segment remains a key to driving revenue growth in the global market. According to 2019 estimation, the industrial segment holds over 80% market share in the global disposable and reusable mask sales market. The disposable masks are primarily being used by healthcare workers. However, rising demand in agriculture, and construction industries remains a prominent factor for growth for the industrial segment.


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