Global Electrostatic Disinfectants Sprayer Market Was Estimated at US $800.45 Million and Was Predicted to Reach US $2,500.50 Million in 2027 With A CAGR of 13.30% From The Year 2021 To 2027

Global Electrostatic Disinfectants Sprayer Market Was Estimated at US $800.45 Million and Was Predicted to Reach US $2,500.50 Million in 2027 With A CAGR of 13.30% From The Year 2021 To 2027

The activity of sprinkling an electrostatically filled spray on surfaces and objects is known as Electrostatic spray disinfection. The electrostatic spray contains a solution, which involves air and an electrode mixture inside the sprayer to offer them an electric charge.

Electrostatic sprayer operates by charging liquid inside it, as they pass through a nozzle of the sprayer, which can be sanitizers, cleaners, or any disinfectants. This produces charged droplets that confront one another and diligently explore the clean environmental surface wherever it is sprayed and even covers all the sides.

While using these chemical exposures in the aerosolized disinfectants can create eye, skin, or respiratory infections. If the person is applying electrostatic disinfecting spray should wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety.

Nowadays, there are three majorly used chemical classes disinfectants and those are Chlorine bleach, quaternary ammonium compounds (aka quats), and hydrogen peroxide.

In 2020, the global Electrostatic Disinfectants Sprayer market was estimated at US $800.45 million and was predicted to reach US $2,500.50 million in 2027 with a CAGR of 13.30% from the year 2021 to 2027.

However, the electrostatic disinfecting spray doesn’t create any protective barrier, whereas it kills every undesired pathogen from the targeted surface but it won’t secure the cleaned surface from becoming infected once more. 

Prime Players in the Global Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting Service Market-

  • Stratus Building Solutions
  • Commercial Cleaning Corp
  • bio pure Service
  • Imperial Cleaning Company
  • CleanSolution Services
  • US Service
  • SterileMed, LLC
  • Victory Innovation 
  • Electrostatic Spraying Systems

Segmentation of Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting Services Market-

The Electrostatic Spray Disinfection market is segmented based on types, applications, and regions. This market segmentation helps to know the overviews of the market rise and fall.

The Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting Services Market segmented based on types-


It contains many unique characteristics that are not easily available in other sprayers. It double charges the spraying solution as it enters the tank and again when it is sprayed. 

Roller Cart-

The roller cart electrostatic sprayer works by charging liquids that are, sanitizers, cleaners, and disinfectants, as they are passing through a nozzle of spray.


It charges the liquid as it is distributed, and is handled. It is movable electrostatic disinfecting sprayers.

The Electrostatic Spray Disinfecting Services Market segmented on the basis of application-

Hospitality and Health care Units-

Hospitals and health care units use electronic disinfecting spray for disinfectant needs. That will prevent them from infections and keep their patients and customers safe from harmful germs.

Travel and Transport Offices-

Travel and Transport offices use electrostatic disinfecting sprayers to protect people traveling in their vehicles from harmful germs and make their traveling journey safe.

Educational Centers- 

Educational centers make use of electrostatic disinfecting sprays to protect children, students, and staff from hazardous germs and protect them from illness.

Industrial and Commercial offices-

Industrial and commercial offices make use of electrostatic disinfecting sprays to avoid infections from hazardous chemicals and to keep the industrial workers and employees free from disease.

 Food Services-

Electrostatic disinfecting spray is used in food services for avoiding health issues of public and during pandemics it has become necessary to disinfect the cooking area and services related to it. 

Sports and Others-

The electrostatic disinfecting spray is used in sports to disinfect sports equipment and players from getting infected from injury while playing.

The Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Services market segmented on the basis of the region-


Latin America

North America

Asia Pacific

The Middle East and Africa.

As per the analysis and study, the electrostatic disinfection spray is used effectively all over the world. During the covid-19 pandemic and after the pandemic, people around the world realized the importance of disinfecting spray. It is used for killing harmful bacteria and viruses including coronavirus instantly. 

The regions mentioned above majorly use electrostatic disinfecting spray for Hospitals, household use, Industries, and many other places. As the electrostatic disinfecting spray sounds complicated but this technology is quite simple. It is easy to use and achieves 360-degree touchless disinfection.

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