Global Embedded Software Sales Market to Transpire Growth with Rising Demand for IoTs

Global Embedded Software Sales Market to Transpire Growth with Rising Demand for IoTs

The global embedded software sales market promises to register tremendous growth during 2020-2026, as rising demand, and investment in development of smart devices continues to drive growth. The embedded system remains an attractive feature of the next-gen IoT devices, as various industries promise to capture the magic of interconnected, and largely automatic devices. The development of these devices poses challenges as shortage of skilled labour remains a key barrier to growth.

Rising Demand in Industry-wide Verticals Remains a Promising Prospect

The importance of embedded systems in software development continues to grow, while importance of programmers continues to remain limited in mainstream software development. This is largely because embedded software often works in various industry verticals, and promise to become the backbone of their industry functions. On the other hand, general softwares have a standard platform, using a software, and hardware, or mobile. This remains key to growth of embedded software, which are highly prized by industry leaders amidst the growth of the pandemic. The pandemic has shifted precious investments away from many sectors. However, the promise of autonomous systems interaction remains a major promise for various sectors like transportation. The transportation sector can reduce costs of manual driving, promise safer working environment on the road, and engage in data analytics to reduce fuel costs further.

Healthcare Remains a Major Opportunity as Chronic Illnesses Rise 

Such developments are on the horizon for various industries. The healthcare industry suffers from Healthcare Acquired Infections, also known as HAIs. The infections remain a major concern among hospital, as chronic illnesses like cancer, AIDS, arthritis remain on the rise. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the HAIs have led to over 99,000 deaths in 2019. Moreover, the rising number of chronic diseases will likely increase the number of bed-ridden patients in near future. The CDC estimates that number of cancer patients will likely reach in millions by 2030. This development requires a sensor-based approach to healthcare to detect, and track development of infections across hospitals chains in countries like the US. The healthcare industry remains vigilant, and eager to adopt to IoT solutions. However, lack of expertise in developing embedded software remains a major barrier to growth in the healthcare sector.

The GPOS Segment Will Likely Register Highest Growth During the Forecast Period

The GPOS segment promises to register highest growth in revenues during the forecast period. The GPOS segment consists of various operating systems including Windows, Linux, RedHat, Fedora, Android, among others. The segment remains a promising prospect as these operating systems have dominated the traditional software development. Moreover, the concentration of highly skilled professionals on operating systems like Linux makes it a formidable force, despite the low number of computer users globally. The GPOS also remain dominant as they use fairness policy to guide latency in the network. Moreover, its other advantages such as time-critical functions, and dynamic mapping across systems will likely remain a major impetus for growth in the global embedded systems market.

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