Global Smart Stethoscope Market Captures Growth Pulse with Rising Advancements

Global Smart Stethoscope Market Captures Growth Pulse with Rising Advancements

According to the World Health Organization, the cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 leading cause of death worldwide. These account for over 17.9 million deaths each year globally. Cardiovascular diseases are a group of illnesses including the heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, cerebrovascular, and other conditions. The detecting of diseases like heart disease is expected to remain the leading driver for growth in the global smart stethoscope market. Moreover, cardiovascular diseases will likely lead to more illnesses, disabilities, and fatalities in the near future, due to the growing population of elderly. For example, according to the 2020 US census bureau report, the population of baby boomers on average has passed into the retirement age leading to more vulnerable demographics. The growing demand to cater to chronic illnesses, rising elderly population, and growing demand to treat diseases like heart diseases will be key to growth in the global smart stethoscope market.

Electronic Stethoscope Promises New Avenues for Growth in the Smart Stethoscope Market

The advancement in conventional stethoscope have enabled new promises for sick patients including filtering sound frequencies, eliminating background noise, and amplify heart sounds. The conventional stethoscope did not allow medical professionals to do that, and the new equipment can even transmit sounds via Bluetooth, an operation now approved by the FDA in United States. Furthermore, the smart stethoscopes can replay, and store heart sounds as necessary for training of new medical students. Additionally, growing advancements in complimentary technology like virtual reality can enable visualizing the heart sounds, and murmurs furthering diagnostics, and medical training. These diagnostics are essential for working with obese patients, a large demographic in the United States. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of the American population cannot enlist in the army due to being unfit. Furthermore, the visualization would also be essential for trends like telemedicine, which promise to equalize medical access in rural areas, and bring costs for consultation down tremendously. The growing advancements in technologies, and promising forays in combination with new technologies promises major growth for the global smart stethoscope market.

Innovation Remains a Key Are for Competitive Growth as Outsourcing Drives Manufacturing

The global smart stethoscope market is a competitive and innovative landscape, thanks to reduced costs of outsourcing enabling companies to focus on innovative growth. Moreover, the rising promise of streamlined FDA approvals, and robust commercialization opportunities, thanks to robust health infrastructure. Some key players in the smart stethoscope market are 3M, Thinklabs Medical LLC, Welch Allyn, HD Medical Group, American Diagnostic Corporation, Clinicloud Inc, eKuore and Cardionics. The rising focus of innovation is on small-wearable devices which can measure a wide range of vitals in an automated manner. The stethoscope also continues to emerge as a new homecare medical device, as its use continues to become more intuitive. The growth of respiratory illnesses like covid-19 pandemic, and rising demand for chronic illnesses like heart diseases will continue to propel growth of the global smart stethoscope market in the near future.

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