Global Venture Capital Investment Market Is Expected To Increase To A Value Of $419.8 Billion By 2026, At A Steady CAGR Of Over 10%

Global Venture Capital Investment Market Is Expected To Increase To A Value Of $419.8 Billion By 2026, At A Steady CAGR Of Over 10%

Venture Capital Investment

Venture capital investment is a financing instrument through which capital is given by venture capitalist to new companies and independent ventures. It gives development opportunity, important direction and ability, building networks and connection with organizations, and wipes out the commitment for reimbursement. It also offers better than expected returns to depositors and has turned into a wonderful hotspot for raising capital for possible organizations.

Venture capital investment is a subset of private equity (PE) wherein venture capitalists give cash-flow to new companies for increasing their organizations. These capitalists get possession stake, become an indispensable piece of the decision- making method in the organization, and offer technical and managerial skill, network access and other help for making the new company fruitful.

The Venture Capital Investment is segmented in various sectors:

On the basis of Sector


Pharma and Biotech

Media and Entertainment

Medical devices and equipment

Medical services and systems

IT Hardware

IT services and Telecommunication

Consumer goods and Recreation


On the basis of Fund size

Under $50 M

$50M TO $100M

$100M TO $250M

$250M TO $500M

$500M TO $1B

Above $1B

On the basis of Funding type

  • First-time venture funding
  • Follow-on venture funding

On the basis of Geographic region

North America

Asia- pacific


Middle East and Africa

South America

Market overview

The worldwide Venture Capital Investment market is likely to grow at a worth of $419.8 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of around 16% during 2021-2026.

As of now, the market is encountering development on account of the developing number of new businesses, in intersection with the expanding investment from mutual funds and banking organizations in venture capital. Aside from this, the extending investment exercises in assorted industry verticals, like medical care, biotechnology, agriculture, and media and entertainment, are additionally reinforcing market development. Moreover, venture capitalists are using calculations and machine learning for recognizing new businesses with a higher development potential to settle on better venture choices.

Nonetheless, the market development is altogether affected by the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 and resulting lockdowns forced by officials of various nations. Thusly, different associations and their functional activities have gone to an abrupt stop. In view of this, venture capitalists are modifying their arrangements to endure the quickly changing economic situations. The business is expected to develop again whenever regularity is recovered.

Economic growth

The Global Venture Capital Investment market is $197.70 billion in 2020, and expected to surge to a value of $1419.8 billion by 2026, at a steady CAGR of over 10%.

As of now, the interest for Venture Capital Investment is enhancing all throughout the world, particularly among nations with positive administrative systems.

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