Revealing The Top 10 Market Research Firms In India

Revealing The Top 10 Market Research Firms In India

Market research is a strategy adopted by businesses to get insights on their key competitors, clients, and distributors. A granular assessment of the particular market vertical also enables the companies to determine the viability of their service or product offerings, thereby identifying the feasibility of future investments.

There are numerous market research firms which are exclusively commissioned by specific companies to help them get a comprehensive outlook of their respective business domain.

Which Are The Top 10 Market Research Companies In India?

India is emerging as a business hub with a steep rise in the number of enterprises functioning across a wide array of business verticals such as healthcare, IT, automotive, media, electronics, and food processing, just to name a few. This has elevated the demand for efficient market research firms so as to help these companies gain meaningful insights on their market verticals.

The top 10 market research firms operating in India are:

  1. Nielsen India

Nielsen India is one of the nation’s pioneers in the field of market research. It was established in 1983 and currently serves more than 100 countries. The firm conducts extensive market surveys for Indian business groups, MNCs, and trade organizations. It is known for providing accurate and reliable research data pertaining to any market sphere.

The company has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the fifth consecutive year.  Moreover, Nielsen also earned accolades for maintaining a 100% score in the Disability Equality INDEX in 2019.

  1. IMRB International

Established in 1971, IMRB International is one of the top market research firms in India. The company is commissioned by top MNCs for the fulfillment of their research needs. It is well known for its near accurate market projections, making it one of the most reliable market research companies in the nation.

  1. RNB Research

Headquartered in New Delhi, this market research company was founded in 1995. RNB Research formulates comprehensive industry research reports for its clients. The firm has amplified its reach across nations such as China, Russia, Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand.

  1. Grand View Research, Inc.

Founded in 2011, Grand View Research, Inc., is an India and U.S. based market research and consulting company. It specializes in curating research reports encompassing extensive industry information. The company is known to provide a wide array of market intelligence reports including customized and syndicate reports. The client base of this firm includes service providers, investment enterprises, and top manufacturers.

  1. Ipsos India

This market research firm has its presence in around 90 global markets. It is one of the most trusted research organizations and has a strong client base hailing from various market domains. Ipsos is known for conducting market specific research incorporating methods such as one-to-one interaction, social media analysis, and customer observation, among others.

  1. Verace Market Research

Founded in 2017, this Bengaluru based market research firms is known for offering cutting edge reports to its client base coming from various industry verticals. It uses superior strategies for data collection which includes feature ranking analysis, kano analysis, and benefit structure analysis. Apart from this, the company also uses methodologies such as usability testing, in depth interviews, focus group discussions, and ethnographic research to obtain market specific information.

  1. Global Market Insights Research Pvt. Ltd.

Global Market Insights (GMI) was founded in 2016. It is one of the top market research organizations operating in India. The firm caters to the research specific needs of MNCs, non-profits, universities, government agencies, and manufacturing companies. The reports delivered by GMI are powered with quantifiable data along with primary industry insights.

  1. Credible Markets

Credible Markets is emerging as one of the most trusted research firms in India. The firm has built a strong repository containing numerous reports covering wide range of business verticals and micro markets.  It offers its clients with exhaustive reports providing insights on crucial aspects such as major market growth determinants, challenges, key segments, regional projections, and key competitors.

The company stepped into the global market during the pandemic era and has been reaching new heights since then. Credible market is powered by a team of proficient research resources who leave no stone unturned in offering their clients with the best of business intelligence reports.

  1. Majestic MRSS

Majestic MRSS is regarded as one of Asia’s largest independent market research organizations. This India based firms has its offices set up in around 18 major nations across APAC. It presently pioneers in conducting granular market surveys to offer its clients with extensive information about a particular business domain.

  1. ARS Market Research

ARS Market Research is one of the leading industry research firms in India. It has its branches across major Indian cities. The organization predominantly uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods to obtain accurate information on the crucial aspects of any particular market.  ARS Market Research is known for using the ‘Brand Health Tracker’ to determine brand awareness, usage, and loyalty.

The aforementioned firms are helping vendors, stakeholders, and other industry participants to meet their growth goals by offering reliable market centric data.

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