Rising Concern due to Covid-19 to Drive Robotic Window Cleaners Market

Rising Concern due to Covid-19 to Drive Robotic Window Cleaners Market

Robotic window cleaners have been around in the consumer electronics market for a long time. However, their increased efficacy, reliability, and the risen health concern due to Covid-19 will likely drive tremendous growth for the market during 2020-2025.

In a recent statement Gopal Jeyaraj, the head of Anker Innovations said, his company used to sell close to 50-100 robotic window cleaners before covid-19. However, once covid-19 hit, the company started selling 20 times the order every quarter. The company head attributed this demand to Covid-19. Despite the promising development, high costs associated with home cleaning in developed countries. In many developing countries, home cleaning is often a professional service, an affair must for special occasions like relocations. On the other hand, in emerging countries like India, the cost of house cleaning remains minimal as housework is often unpaid. Hence, despite the booming health concerns amidst Covid-19, the regions of North America, Europe will remain most lucrative.

Low-Cost Chinese Products Promise Robust Growth in Emerging Nations

Despite the low-cost of labour, cheap products can promise better cleaning, and often in unreachable areas of near-ceiling windows. This application combined with influx of several low-cost robotic cleaners from China will drive new opportunities in the emerging markets globally. According to a report in financial express, the global robotic window cleaner market will register $300 million in valuation by 2021. Moreover, countries like India will likely make up 5-6% of the total valuation, banking on the popularity of low-cost units from China.

Entry of Major Players Promises More Competition to Drive Down Costs

Global players like Xioami have entered the lucrative robotic window cleaner market in recent times. The company now hosts a promising portfolio along with major technology players like Seagull, and Kenmore. The entry of new players will offer more competitive products in the market increasing consumer trust, and promotion of the robotic technology. Today, the market ails from limited reach of robotic window cleaners, and reliability of products remains a concern. The growing entry of major players like Xiaomi will further the reach of the market landscape in major markets of North America, Europe, and Asia in the near future.

Rising Demand in Middle East as Aesthetic Appeal of Glass Continues 

Glass remains an attractive asset for architects, and construction companies. Glass offers a transparency, and open-to-nature designs for high-end homes around the world. Moreover, glass also remains an attractive proposition due to increased achievements on the energy-efficiency front. The increased appeal of glass in constructions, and rising use of glass for acquiring solar energy also remain major positives for the robotic window cleaner market. The rapid development of the construction sector in the middle east, and strong demand for high-end homes in the region will likely drive major growth for robotic window cleaner market in the region.

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