Global Animation and Gaming Market Is Expected to Be $US261 Billion in The Year 2021

Global Animation and Gaming Market Is Expected to Be $US261 Billion in The Year 2021

The Animation and the gaming market focuses on the part of creative creation wherein a person focuses on creating objects, shape and illusions and also motion pictures. It is used for applying the design and the aesthetics and also to create a library of movements.

The concept of animation is giving life to still objects and However, there is a slight difference between the gaming and the animation domain. The perspective of gaming revolves around interaction. In a gaming console you have complete control on the camera and the character. This is not so while there is animation involved. The animation can be from any direction.

There are 5 different types of animation involved and that are-

2d animation

3d animation

Traditional animation

Motion Graphics

Stop motion

An overview of the Gaming and animation-

Some people are of the view that both the gaming and animation means the same thing however this is not the view. Animations are mostly short and they are combined with one another to make the character give the shape and make it interactive. There are some principles of animation in the video game which should be taken care of-

Squash and Stretch

This is a technique used to create a high level of movement in the animation.


The staging technique is used with the use of the camera; lights and the action are used to avoid the unnecessary action and the extras which come with the animation.

Straight ahead and pose to pose-

This kind of technique has relevance in the animation industry and has the top relevance in the linear animation industry.

The driving market trends for the gaming and the animation industry market-

The growing consumer interest for the interactive design and films are one of the top driving factors for this industry. The global consumer now wants an extremely high level of a visual experience. The consumer is lapping up new and innovative content and is game for more level of similar experiences along with a high level of adoption of technologies.

Furthermore, various technologies such as the VFX, augmented reality are opening new avenues and are further catapulting the market to great heights. The industry is expected to become the fastest growing industry in the coming years and at the same time create various initiatives for this sector.

The production work for this sector is also becoming more globalized with features such as the tax incentives, regional low labor, low computing costs which is pushing the companies to introduce new strategies to gain a footing in the industry. This kind of model is being increasingly being tapped by the content producers in the market. Also top market players are ensuring a growing appetite for the increasing and growing need of content and realistic animation and studios. Consumers are introducing more and more immersive content and across various high definition head-mounted devices.

Interestingly there have been a lot of government initiatives in this sector which is driving the growth of the market and various multi-level online games along with the accessibility to the internet and the broadband market. The overall animation and the gaming market is expected to reach a satisfactory level and will soon witness a strategic growth in the overall sector.

This kind of immersive content is more prevalent across the YouTube, VFX, Twitter, tablets and smart phones. Streaming videos is the fastest growing distribution channel and it is going to witness a double digit growth.

The demand for the animation and the gaming market will witness a stupendous growth and along with the availability of the satellite television along with the penetration of the mobile devices.

The size of the Global animation and the Gaming market is expected to be $US261 billion in the year 2021.Most of the segments in this market are growing at a rate of 2 to 3% in the year and this is going to be only one of the many segments which will be one of the toughest bests.

The Geographical distribution of the Global animation and gaming market is expected to be divided into 4 categories, North America, Asia-Pacific, Japan and the rest of the world.

The North American sector forms the largest segment and it accounts for the overall 42% of the total sector, this is followed by Europe and then the Asia Pacific market. The growth in the European market can be attributed to a number of reasons such as the right kind of infrastructure, available of skilled manpower, and various advancements in the technology have led to the growth of the various top industries in this sector.

The top players in this market can shift their focus on gaining the competitive advantage and availing the same to cater to a bundle of different services. The animation and the gaming market focuses on the different agreements and collaborations. Some of the top major players which include in this market are the Walt Disney Company, the Dream works animation and the collaboration is also helping the top players.

Another reason is that innovative multiplayer techniques, various innovations of the online games and the gaming consoles have introduced new techniques to the top market players and have led to a disruption in the domain of animation and gaming market.

The top players in the gaming and animation industry include-

UTV toonz


Maya entertainment

Penta media graphics

Padmalya Films

Heart Entertainment

Reliance Media networks

Crest Animation Studios

There have been latest reports considering the rise in the online television gaming shows and the animation industry that cloud computing will soon play a major role in the character rendering and modelling and on the cloud computing services.

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