Global Edutainment Market Is Expected to Reach $US 5356 Million by The Year-End of 2027

Global Edutainment Market Is Expected to Reach $US 5356 Million by The Year-End of 2027

September 28, 2021, New York, USA - The word ‘Edutainment’ comes from two words which are education and entertainment. It is an interesting mix of education and entertainment. It typically refers to any form of entertainment which refers to education that provides entertainment. It provides both learning and entertainment.

The main goal of edutainment is to make learning enjoyable and playful and also to generate interest for the kids. Edutainment is found both inside and outside of the classrooms and is one of the popular forms of imparting knowledge.

Edutainment comes in two types-

Some are passive forms while some are interactive forms.

The examples of passive forms of edutainment include-

Fictional books

Movies or any kind of TV shows who have educational themes

Video games are designed to educate the players.

Different types of interactive quizzes

Educational websites which provide different interactive elements

The biggest advantage of edutainment can be used to teach any kind of topic depending on the interest of the user. It can range from math, science, English, social science. You can create a fun and creative environment by using the concept of edutainment.

How is Edutainment beneficial for kids?

Learning through the various sources of edutainment increases motivation, engagement and also gives an overall boost to the child’s concentration power.

It helps the students understand complex concepts simply and lucidly and lets them grasp the complex words in a simpler way.

It increases the need for the learning of the independent platforms in a simpler or easier manner.

Edutainment uses flexible modes of learning and it can be given any form of narration and visuals which can be made interesting to the person.

It provides a means for engaged and interactive learning and makes the task easier for educators. Most of the time rather than keeping them occupied for longer hours it provides fun concepts in the least amount of time.

It also gives children the freedom of learning the way they want. It is not confined to a specific mode of learning.  There is a different kind of learning freedom and learning through a play-way method will help the children develop cognitive, emotional, and social skills.

It also provides the children with real-world exploration and makes way for the imaginary level of play. There are different virtual field trips that are carried out wherein children can experience real-world concepts.

It is also a strong concept of improving intellectual stimulation as it will help children explore various real-world problems. Children can give various favorable responses and this kind of intellectual stimulation will increase enjoyable learning.

It is also a perfect way of improving the social skills of a child as opposed to normal classroom learning.

The various drivers which will lead to the market growth of this sector are-

  • The ease of game design
  • Creative designing
  • The increasing adoption of edutainment globally
  • The preference for increasing the people’s social skills
  • The increasing level of investments by large gaming and educational organizations.

The growing level of improvisation in the various schools and educational institutions will bolster the need for the global edutainment market. Furthermore, coupled with the latest technologies and the latest AI and IOT market this will make for a more robust need for the Edutainment sector.

The Key market trends giving rise to the Edutainment sector-

The pandemic of Covid opened new avenues for the edutainment sector as schools and colleges were conducting the classes online and this only increased the demand for the need for various edutainment sector elements. Nevertheless, the pandemic in a way proved to be a boon for this sector.

Technology has touched almost every domain in the industry. It can the conventional methods to the next level and innovative level. The domain of education has widely benefited from technology and the rising penetration of the top internet services have made it possible for the rise in the online and the edutainment sector.

The Global Edutainment market is expected to reach $US 5356 million by the year-end of 2027. It will increase at a CAGR of 22.86%.

The Geographical Distribution of the Global Edutainment market-

This market is distributed across the Asia Pacific, North America, and also South East Asia. India and the Chinese market are expected to rise the highest in this domain. Also the presence the several edutainment sectors is likely to rise the edutainment sector.

The Key players in the Asia Pacific market include-

  • Grey Sim
  • Kidzania
  • Plabo
  • Pororo Parks
  • EON Reality Inc
  • Jam origin
  • Little Explorers
  • Conve Genius

The edutainment sector is widely fragmented in the United States of America with the largest and the top players operating in this industry. The increasing level of technology is also responsible for the rise in the edutainment industry.

Edutainment centers is not just adopted to only educational sectors but also to the zoos, botanical gardens, aquariums, and also various children’s museums.

The market for the Edutainment sector is not restricted to only school going children but also to the teenagers and also college going children.

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