Global Naphthalene Sulfonate Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. The global market is expected to reach $818million US by the forecast period of 2026

Global Naphthalene Sulfonate Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. The global market is expected to reach $818million US by the forecast period of 2026

Auguest 20, 2021, New York, USA - The substance Naphthalene Sulfonate is a substance that is a derivative of sulphonic acid with naphthalene. It is most commonly used for dispersant applications and all across the globe. The compound is formed from crude oil or tar and it is white crystalline in nature. Its properties typically include colorlessness and a low level of solubility in water.

What is the Naphthalene Sulfonate substance?

The naphthalene is mixed with concrete and wherein it offers a favorable ratio to be accurately used as a surfactant in households. The Global market for Naphthalene Sulfonate market is expected to grow at a rapid pace given the rapid demand for construction, building, and the agricultural industry. Also along with that, the rapid urbanization in both the developed and the developing countries is further expected to boost the demand. This is because there will be a growing need for concrete and other related materials in these industries.

Naphthalene Sulfonate also plays a crucial role in the agricultural industry. The substance can be used as dispersing agent for agricultural chemicals. This allows for the chemicals to spread thereby increasing their quality and it automatically results in a better performance.

They are also used as surfactants in various kinds of personal care products. Personal care products are a huge market and will contribute a major share of the market. For personal care products, North America is likely to dominate the market with the widest range of global personalized beauty equipment. Along with this, the rise in consumer spending is also going to increase the demand for the Naphthalene Sulfonate Market.

The Global Naphthalene Sulfonate Market outlook-

In terms of volume and market expansion, Asia-Pacific is likely to be the leading country for the production of the Naphthalene Sulfonate Market. This is because the rapid rise in the population in the Asia-Pacific is the number one reason for the growth of this market. Consequently, the demand for the construction and housing sector is increasing due to the rise in the population. Secondly, in terms of market capitalization also Asia-Pacific is going to lead from the forefront. In the Asia-Pacific, China, India are likely to lead for the market, and in North America, Mexico will be the most demanding country for Naphthalene Sulfonate. In the Asia-Pacific, the other countries which are leading in this market are Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The UAE is in the next top countries being Saudi Arabia, Israel, the rest of the Middle East, and Africa.

Next in line is Latin America and is expected to show a considerable demand for this market. This is because there is a high demand for household cleaning products in this region.

Europe is also a key market for the growth of the Naphthalene Sulfonate market, Italy and Spain being the main countries.

Overall the construction industry of the ASEAN countries is likely to dominate the market. This is also due to the rising investments by the public and private sector industries.

The demand in the textile industry is likely to bolster the need for the Naphthalene Sulfonate Market. New and improved applications in the construction sector are likely to lead the market.

The top-end users in this market are-


Construction industries




The rise for this product is typically due to-

The chemicals used in Naphthalene Sulfonate are suitable for agriculture and the construction industry. Once it is mixed with concrete, it provides a smooth flow and a faster setting time. The use of this material is time-saving and low on manual labor. Due to these multiple uses, the demand for Naphthalene Sulfonate is going to increase in the forecasted period.

The top companies operating in this domain are-

  • GCP Applied Technologies
  • MUHU China
  • PCC PE

Naphthalene Sulfonate is commonly used in two forms liquid and powder form.

Naphthalene Sulfonate is mainly and commonly used in powder form wherein it is easy to store. Also, it has quick dissolving properties. It is important to notice that the powder form has the highest market share due to its superior performance. The powder form is typically used when a high level of concentration is expected. This is because it gives a better performance than compared its liquid form.

The dispersant agent segment is the next in line which is likely to dominate the market with its very high dispersing properties. The Naphthalene Sulfonate has very low surface tension and is used as a primary dispersing agent.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3% over the forecast period. The global market is expected to reach $818million US by the forecast period of 2026.

The changing energy prices are likely to be a restraint on the growth factor of this industry with it providing a challenge in the forecast period. Also the rising demand for overcapacity in China is likely to be a challenge; However big companies are ramping up innovative solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

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