Global Online Coding for Kids’ Market Is Forecasted to Grow Up to 8.17 Billion US Dollar During 2022 To 2030 With The CAGR of 15% During The Forecasted Period

Global Online Coding for Kids’ Market Is Forecasted to Grow Up to 8.17 Billion US Dollar During 2022 To 2030 With The CAGR of 15% During The Forecasted Period

Online Coding for Kids Market Introduction

The recent covid -19 pandemic has changed our lives and in a way altered and hampered the lifestyle of young kids. Due to concurrent government imposed lockdowns schools, colleges, tuitions all came to stand still as a result children were forced to remain at home during the curriculum period. As a result, online coding was introduced for kids by many online coding companies. Online coding for kids is one such opportunity available for children that keeps the young minds engaged. And as is said children are like clay in potter’s hand, thus moulding young kids mind in particular direction is like moulding a pot in precise fashion.

Online coding is not always a typical computer encrypting where the child has to avoid learning, in de facto coding is simply a method through which we communicate with the computer. However, this communication is done via different computer languages.

Coding can be fun and innovative learning, where kids can develop their own websites, apps, games. A child’s mind is full of imagination and they have the boundless ability to create visual images. With the help of coding language this ability can further be utilized for creating wonders.

Market Forecast & overview

The global online coding for kids’ market was typically vigorous during the year 2020 and grew to 2.02 billion UD dollars during 2021. Further, the global online coding for kids’ market is forecasted to grow up to 8.17 billion US dollar during 2022 to 2030 with the CAGR of 15% during the forecasted period.

The world has become competitive and need to be constantly updated with the current technology. Moreover, we all are surrounded by technology for our survival. Technology has become the most essential part of our life and hence for the younger generation it is most important to acquire the skill. In this digital era coding or encrypting helps children in developing new tech related skill such as problem solving, or logical thinking. Currently there are humungous platforms for coding that offer vast range of coding programmes for children that they can avail in comfort of their homes.

Market Drivers and Restraints

These programmes generally comprise of gaming–like coding languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL and so on. These programmes generally are combined with fun learning and intensified with challenging coding questions which can be easily solved by children. Emergence of coding platforms such as, Biju’s, Udemy, Logiscool, Coding Dojo, and so forth has boosted the global market. Other major factors driving the market are awareness among children about various coding programme courses, growing consciousness among school management to make appropriate improvements to their technological infrastructure and learning strategies, awareness amidst parent for their children etc. 

However, along with benefits there are certain demerits which trails the market down. Certain factors affecting market like unavailability of access to the online learning programs in poor network areas, unaffordable internet services particularly to low-income households and additionally high subscriptions charges of online coding classes handicaps the market.

Market Dynamics

The soaring adoption of novel technologies such as AI and cloud computing coupled with internet integration in learning pushes the need for online coding for kids which in turn propels the market. According to the stats available, 4.66 billion people utilize internet round the globe, thus rising usage of internet has created a massive change across orbit. With rising awareness of coding techniques to deliver knowledge by way of digital platform has served a bolster to the market. Besides the awareness, rising government investments from developed and developing economies in order to make a strong academic background for kids is triggering the market during forecasted period, 2021 to 2030.

The Key Market Segmentation

The online coding for kids’ market is divided by type, application and region.  For the period of 2021-2030, the report provides an analysis based on exact cross-sectional calculations in terms of Type and Application. This type of analysis helps business to grow targeting niche markets.

Market division by type

Market division by type is done on the basis of age group as

  • Age 6-7
  • Age 8-10
  • Age 11-13
  • Age 14-18

Market division by application

Market division by application is done based on coding level as

  • Pre Level Coding
  • Elementary Level Coding
  • Middle Level Coding
  • High Level Coding

Market division by region

The online coding for kids’ market covers maximum regions such as US, Canada, Mexico in North America, while Europe covers regions like Germany, France, U.K., Russia, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands additionally Switzerland, and Belgium. The market also covers certain APAC regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan, India, and South Korea. Middle East and Africa included.

Online Coding for Kids Market Key Players

The market is boosted as a result of inclusion of Key Players such as CodaKid,, Inc., CodeCombat Inc., Codevidhya India (P) Ltd., Coding Dojo, Inc., Coding Zen, EduCode™ Academy, edX Inc., General Assembly, Kodable, Logiscool Ltd., MindChamp Teaching Solutions LLP, Neuron Fuel, Inc. (Tynker), Shaw Academy, Pvt. Ltd. Springboard, THINKFUL, Udacity, Inc., Udemy, Inc., and WhiteHat Education Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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