Global Smart Bathroom Market Is Expected to Reach Revenue of $US 4.5 Billion in The Forecast Period from 2020 To 2026

Global Smart Bathroom Market Is Expected to Reach Revenue of $US 4.5 Billion in The Forecast Period from 2020 To 2026

Octomber 04, 2021, New York, USA - The concept of smart homes is fast catching up in both the developed and developing countries. People are not more technologically inclined on using the concept of smart homes and making their use. So the concept of smart bathrooms is eventually catching up especially in the Western and European countries.

Furthermore, the influx of the latest technologies is making the task of creating a smart bathroom very easy and flexible. Some of the concepts used in a smart bathroom are Digital faucets, soaking tubs, and hot gadgets. Digital faucets are typically those features wherein they are a great way to conserve and save the energy. It is helpful in reducing the tap flow; check the temperature control settings. It has a unique touchless technology and various programmable features such as a timed shower, a teeth brush option which runs for a specific amount of time.

Soaking tubs are like those standalone tubs which require no water around and are the small Japanese style soaking tubs. It has those sleek modern faucets with pipes that come up to the floor and can pour into the tub.

The advantages of using a smart bathroom-

Ease of use-

They are probably one of the most easy to use bathrooms. They can be used automatically and there will be no wastage of water also. It is a good option for families which have small children as there is always a danger of water getting wasted.

Less risk of overflowing-

There is an increasingly less risk of over flowing as smart bathrooms come with various sensors and are able to understand the water levels at the same time. For e.g. in the event of a clog, the sensor will detect the water and will shut the clog so as to prevent the water wastage and stop the flushing of the water until to reduce the clog again.

One of the perfect solutions of environmental friendly bathroom-

Smart bathrooms are a great way for water conversation. In comparison to the traditional bathrooms, they consume less amount of water which is just enough to flush the waste. Also a smart bathroom will ensure that you get fewer amounts of bills.

The Global Smart Bathroom market overview-

The Global smart bathroom market is expected to reach revenue of $US 4.5 billion in the forecast period from 2020 to 2026. It will also grow at a Compounded Annual growth rate of 10.5% during the period from 2020 to 2027. This is because consumers are focusing now on the home improvement spending and it has increased from 5% since the year 2015.

It is interesting to take note of the statistics that consumers are spending close to more than 2000 USD for the remodeling and home improvement projects. Consequently this is also expected to increase the adoption of smart bathrooms significantly.

The increasing adoption of smart homes in North America and consequently the rise of the smart bathrooms will give a big boost to the industry. Consequently the increasing number of commercial building is also one of the important reasons for the rise in the smart bathroom market. Germany and Canada are also one of the top markets where there is an increasing adoption of the smart bathrooms. Improved level of the construction sector along with the adoption of the luxury lifestyle has prompted the citizens to adapt to a smart bathroom concept. According to the Statistics there will be about more than 30 million smart homes in the entire Europe alone with by the end of the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. The focus is always on the smart built in fittings which have a focus on the smart faucets and the automatic soap dispensers which operate smartly. This concept is also giving rise to the home automation concept. According to the report by the London Hotel Development top hotels in London are adopting the smart bathroom concept and this is expected to increase in the forecast period.

Asia-Pacific is estimated to have a satisfactory CAGR during the forecast period. According to the report published by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the Asia Pacific tourism has been witnessing an exponential growth and is responsible for the largest influx of tourists from worldwide. This has been in turn fostering the growth of the accommodation industry and driving the demand for the bathroom industry.

In terms of the revenue production it is estimated that there has been a dominant share in the sector and this share will be 33.6% globally and it will also be one of the important reasons for the rise in this sector. The smart bathrooms are being used both by the commercial and household sector and the smart faucets category will dominate the market in this region with a market share of 10.9%. It is also to be seen that there are numerous product developments taking place in this sector with big companies such as Amazon and Google working towards developing new and improved products and working towards innovative technologies.

They are expected to unfold various business opportunities in the forecast period.

The commercial sector involves buildings, mall and complex buildings, high end office spaces, cinema halls, restaurants, hospitals and public bathrooms. The increase is also attributed to the rise in the various commercial buildings alongside the increase in the hospitality sector. There have been various constructions in the hospital and commercial sector which is responsible for the rising need of the smart bathroom.

The concept of smart bathrooms is highly popular in the commercial sector as they help save and conserve water. Alongside it also help improve the aesthetics of the washroom which are essential for a public washroom.

The residential sector is expected to rise at a rate of 10% from the forecast period from 2020 to 2027. The reasons are rapid urbanization and the increasing level of the remodeling of the structures.

The top companies which are in the domain of the Global Smart Bathroom are-

American Standarad

Cera Sanitaryware



Spectrum Brands



With the rising penetration of the demand for the smart bathrooms this domain is expected to see a positive and significant growth in the coming years.

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