Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market Is Projected to Grow to USD 15.5 billion by 2028

Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market Is Projected to Grow to USD 15.5 billion by 2028

Octomber 04, 2021, New York, USA - Sports And Fitness Apps: Introduction

Sports and Fitness App is downloadable on any device and can be used anywhere to be fit. Health and Fitness related apps released on both the platform, such as Android and iPhone Operating System (iOS). 

Many functions are performed by these apps, such as tracking caloric intake, set fitness goals, gathering workout ideas, and sharing progress reports on social media to facilitate healthy behaviour change. 

These apps can be used as a platform to promote fitness advice, nutrition plans and promote healthy behaviours change with personalized workout plans. 

Sports and Fitness Apps can work in combination with wearable devices to integrate their health data to third-party devices for easier accessibility. These Sports and Fitness Apps can motivate users by using gamification elements and creating competitions among friends and family. Workout Apps and Running Apps enables users to run or do workouts in the form of DJ Mixed Music, and it can be customized depends on the user's steps per minute. It helps users to boost and enhance their performance during exercise.  

The Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market Size And Forecast:

The global Fitness and sports app market size is predicted to expand at a staggering CAGR of 21.6% from 2021-2028. The rise in the prevalence of chronic illnesses and the increasing fitness awareness across the globe is increasing the rate of the fitness app market.

Fitness apps are app that can be downloaded onto your mobile device and utilized to keep you fit. Fitness and health apps are cutting-edge technology with all the essential information required to help maintain and improve the health of a person and their lifestyle. The fitness and health apps' main goal is to supply users with workouts as well as different aspects related to physical activity, food and nutrition, weight loss as well as other issues related to Fitness.

The apps can be downloaded on any type of smart computers such as a tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Fitness apps, eating and diet apps, as well as fitness tracking apps, are three kinds of Fitness and health apps that can be classified according to the kind of data they monitor. Fitness apps that have Fitness and diet feature to aid in creating and implementing healthy eating plans. However, on the flip hand, the workout options are employed to aid with the reduction of weight by finishing exercises with weights.

Market Drivers and Market Restrain for the Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market:

Driving Factors:

This market for fitness apps is caused by factors like growing awareness of health and acceptance of sports and fitness apps, the impact of advertising and media along with the rapid growth of the internet and modern technology, the need for continuous health assessments as well as the widespread use of smartwatches and wristbands as well as the increasing trend toward Fitness and weight loss the high rate of obesity and the convenience of the increasing use of smartphones apps. The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in national lockdowns as well as the dissociation of norms in society. This has led to an eradication of traditional gyms and studios towards virtual Fitness. This has led to an increase in the number of exercise apps downloaded and utilized has increased. Additionally, the COVID-19 disease has raised the awareness of health and hygiene. The number of active daily users of fitness apps has increased. The wide use of tablets and smartphones for all ages has led to the widespread use of fitness apps.

Restraining Factors:  

Costs of production for fitness trackers and apps are expensive initial costs for infrastructure improvements and changes in user preferences and strategies, as well as paying products' capabilities and the lack of recognition in apps that have poor recommendations. Only some online fitness apps allow trainers to observe your performance, assess your form and make adjustments or corrections in response to your performance. This means that you could be tempted to perform exercises in error or in a way that you aren't aware of the correct information. These are the primary aspects that are likely to impact the growth of fitness apps.

Market Opportunities and Challenges of the Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market:

Market Opportunities:

The increasing use of fitness apps and sports to monitor activities and heart rates, as well as the increase of internet usage has led to the development in the fitness market. Emerging nations like India, Japan, China, Australia, and South Korea are experiencing a rise in disposable incomes, changing behaviour, and mobile usage because of the economic boom, and the digitization of healthcare in developed countries is anticipated to create a wide range of lucrative opportunities in the fitness market. Numerous health benefits these apps offer at the user's fingertips have led to the usage of multiple fitness apps to help maintain a healthy life.

Market Challenges:  

Scheduling that is too restrictive or gym memberships that are expensive exercise and nutrition guide and a faulty user interface for information as well as a lack of professional education are some of the issues facing Fitness app markets. In addition, between 2015 to 2050, the number of people older than 60 years old will rise between 12% and 22%, in accordance with the WHO. Seniors are more vulnerable to mental health, medical, and social issues than younger individuals. This generational shift is likely to create policies and health systems' new problems. In turn, the increasing use of fitness apps among seniors, particularly in countries that are developing, offers them affordable quality, long-term, and high-quality solutions.

The Key Market Segmentation of the Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market: 

Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market can be divided into App Types, Platform, Device and Geographical landscapes, etc. 

Sports And Fitness Apps Market Segmentation By App Type:

Exercise and weight loss

Diet and Nutrition

Activity Tracking

Sports And Fitness Apps Market Segmentation By Device :



Wearable devices

Sports And Fitness Apps Market Segmentation By Platform:




Sports And Fitness Apps Market Segmentation By Geographical Landscape:

North America


Asia Pacific

South America

Middle East and Africa

Major Key Players in the Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market Are:


Fitbit, Inc.



Under Armour, Inc.

Azumio, Inc.

MyFitnessPal Inc.






The Covid-19 Impact Analysis:

The lockdown and social distancing rules implemented by the governments to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus has negatively affected Fitness and gyms all over the world. However, users have changed their attention to online fitness classes and apps. During COVID-19 lockdown, the total number of downloads of fitness apps and the total number of active users had grown rapidly. For instance, The daily active users on fitness apps have risen geographically. In the Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and the Middle East, it rose by 24%, 11%, 8%, and 28%, respectively. Additionally, numerous fitness apps are experiencing an increase in revenues and downloads. For example, HealthifyMe, an Indian fitness app, saw an increase of 30% in user traffic and a 40% increase in revenue in April 2020.

The Global Sports And Fitness Apps Market Report Highlights:

The weight loss and exercise segment was the most popular type of segment in 2020, with an estimated revenue share of 54.7%.

Based on the platform, iOS accounted for the biggest revenue portion in 2020. The Android segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR over the forecast timeframe.

Based on smartphones, they were the most popular device for revenue percentage in 2020. Wearable devices are expected to increase at the fastest rate during the forecast timeframe. 

North America accounted for the biggest share of 2020's demand due to the increased awareness about Fitness and health, the high usage of smartphones, as well as the availability of an abundance of applications for Fitness.

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