Plant-Based Meat Market Size Was Worth USD 4.3 billion in 2020 and Is Projected to Grow to USD 8.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14% Over The Forcast Period 2021 to 2025

Plant-Based Meat Market Size Was Worth USD 4.3 billion in 2020 and Is Projected to Grow to USD 8.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14% Over The Forcast Period 2021 to 2025

Auguest 19, 2021, New York, USA - Plant-Based Meat is expanding extra popular every day, and for great reason offering a much healthier option to the meat while being greatly more sustainable and also packing authentic flavors, aromas, as well as textures; plant-based meats are making it much easier than ever before to minimize standard meat intake and even remove it entirely. 

Meat made from plants is called Plant-Based Meat. It is made and designed in such a way so that it will look, taste, and cook like conventional meat. You can find plant-based meat in the form of nuggets, and burger patty crumbles as well as sausages. As its popularity is shooting up, these veggy-based alternatives have been shaking up the meat industry and everything we assumed that we knew about veggie burgers.

Main Ingredients in Plant-Based Meat Alternatives Are: -          

  • ProteinColouring
  • Juiciness:
  • Binders:
  • Nutrients:
  • Flavour:

Types of Plant-Based Meat: 

Plant-Based Meat has two types: whole Muscle Meat and Restructured Meat. 

The design of whole muscle meat products resembles a chicken breast, steak, or any other sort of animal muscle.

Restructured meat items are those that mimic items like ground beef, meatballs, sausages, as well as nuggets. 

Benefits of the Plant-based Meat:

There are nine shocking advantages of consuming a plant-based diet plan with meat alternatives.

  • Conserve the Environment:
  • Reduce Animal Suffering:
  • Sleep Better:
  • Avoid Constipation:
  • Lose Weight:
  • Avoid Chronic Illnesses:
  • Lower Blood Sugar:
  • Lower Cholesterol:
  • Increase Potassium in the Body:

The Global Plant-Based Meat Market Forecast:

Over the last three years, vegetarian people have increased by greater than 600% in the United States alone.

Indeed, more and even more people have been showing their responsibility towards the environment and our animal neighbors, which is turning up in their food choices. Of Course, many individuals have a difficult time quitting Meat.

Market Dynamics:

Drivers: Growing Awareness Among People for the Health Benefits Offered By Plant-Based Meat Over Animal Meat.

The Trend for Plant-based patterns has been growing continuously, encouraging people to eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Additionally, there are numerous health and wellness advantages associated with plant-based items, of which consumers are more aware recently.

Restraints: Higher prices of products in comparison to typical Meat. 

The major restraining factor in the plant-based meat market is Products Price. If you compared, plant-based meat is more expensive than animal-based Meat, which may impact its growth in price-sensitive markets like India, China, and South Africa. 

Opportunities: Appropriate positioning and Marketing of plant-based Meat

By adopting the marketing strategy of diversification and segmentation, the sales of plant-based meat can be increased. The goal is to create more needs amongst consumers, such as health-conscious customers, vegetarians, flexitarians, and vegans. It is vital to position the product at the best location through a good sales network.

Challenges: Perception relating to the taste of plant-based meat products. 

Plant-based meat items have nutritional benefits similar to that of animal meat. Consumers are assuming that they have to compromise the taste, if they opt for meat substitutes. Besides, customers think that meat substitutes are too gummy as well as too chewy.

The Market Trend and Dynamics of the Global Plant-Based Meat Market:

As per reports, the plant-based meat market is estimated to be valued at USD 4.3 billion in 2020, And It is expected to get to USD 8.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 14.0%, in regards to value. 

The market has observed considerable growth due to the rise in the population of vegan and flexitarian across the world. There is raising awareness about the health benefits of plant-based meat over animal meat. The Government's initiative of significant investments is driving the global market. 

The market will be dominated by the European Market due to its innovative product development in the area, supported by proper research and development facilities available in the area.

The Key Market Players In The Global Plant-Based Meat Market: 

Beyond Meat (US), Impossible Foods Inc. (US), Maple Leaf Foods (Canada), The Vegetarian Butcher (Netherlands), Gardein Protein International (Canada), Morningstar Farms (US), Quorn Foods (US), Amy's Kitchen (US), Tofurky (US), Gold&Green Foods Ltd. (Finland), Sunfed (New Zealand), VBites Food Limited (UK), Alpha Foods (US), Planterra Foods (US), Before the Butcher (US), No Evil Foods (US), Like Meat (Germany), The Meatless Farm Co. (England), Hooray Foods (US), and Yves Veggie Cuisine (Canada).

Impact of COVID-19 on Plant-Based Meat Market:

COVID-19 is providing a push to the plant-based meat sector in the world. From Manufacturing as well as distributing, this sector has encountered extraordinary need from producers along with customers, especially for some products, such as meat analog. The 

COVID-19 pandemic has actually been a substantial disruptor in 2020, triggering the spotlight to move to meat supply and food safety and security worldwide. 

This impact of change is well obvious in both developed and also emerging markets where a total overhaul of supply chains and also panic acquiring and also stockpiling, complying with statements of lockdowns, and social distancing measures are being embarked on to get rid of the current difficulty.

These mock meat products, which are thought of as simpler to produce in much hygienic and also socially distanced conditions, is additionally verifying to be among the current drivers behind meat decrease trends.

The Global Plant-Based Meat Market Report Highlights:

Impossible Foods Inc. increased its presence in Canada by introducing Impossible Burger to the Canadian market in October 2020. It is now available in approximately 600 Sobeys family shops and online through the retailer's grocery home delivery service. This will help the company to get exposure and expansion the market.

Planterra Foods signed a three-year partnership agreement with the NFL team Denver Broncos in September 2020. The partnership will award the OZO brand's title as Plant-Based Food Choice for the Denver Broncos. This will allow the company to advertise its brand and make its customers aware.

Beyond Meat launched an e-commerce website in August 2020 to make its plant-based products more easily accessible to consumers. Now consumers can easily access a wide range of plant-based meat products, and it will make them easier to enjoy and experience Beyond Meat.

The Kellog Co. spent USD 45 million in August 2020 to expand Morningstar Farm's Ohio manufacturing plant. This investment will include USD 25 million in equipment upgrades and USD 18 million in capacity expansion. This investment will go towards expanding the company's product line that is plant-based.

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