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Location of operation

The website is maintained by core team of Credible Markets from Pune (India) office. Information presented on this website is not available for use for any other purposes, or at any other locations.

Updated terms & conditions

Credible Markets has reserved all the right to make changes to these terms & conditions of use at any time without notice. Changes or amendments shall be updated as a ‘legal notice’, which is why use of our website or any of our services by you post-amendment shall be considered as your action in agreement with modified terms & conditions for use.


Subject to terms & conditions of use in this agreement, Credible Markets makes available certain information (online) on and specific information to authorized and/or registered users. As we refer to our services as ‘material’ that is tangible or intangible presenting data, information, content, programs, audio, videos, reports, and involve communication and transmission, use of these services by you reflects your agreement with the associated terms & conditions of their use. This shall be the complete agreement between you and us regarding your use of our material unless we do not have a separate agreement between us related to use of any specific part of services. In case we make a separate agreement for a particular section of our services and its use by you, the usage of remaining sections of our services shall be in compliance with this agreement. Unless notified separately, usage of any newly launched products, services or material by Credible Markets shall be according to this agreement.

If any specific sections of our website or services are governed by ‘special terms & conditions of use’, the same will be notified to you when you visit those sections of service. If you find any discrepancy or conflict between special terms and this agreement, special terms shall govern that particular feature of our service, whereas the rest shall be governed by this agreement. In case of usage of third party content or services on some pass-through terms & conditions may be applicable. The same shall be disclosed to you at the time of delivery of concerned third party content. In case you realize your ineligibility or inability to comply with these third party terms & conditions due to any unavoidable or uncontrollable circumstances upon reading the same, it is advisable to immediately contact Credible Markets (preferably within 24 hours of purchase) and explain the same. If your call is not received at the time, you may be considered in compliance with these additional terms & conditions for use of third party content.

Accuracy of information

All information presented on is meant for guidance only on matters of interest. Based on particular facts involved, application of this information may widely vary. Considering evolving nature regulatory standards, legal aspects and frequent updates in rules, in addition to naturally associated risks of electronic communication, please note that there may be inaccuracies in information, omissions or delays in communication. Credible Markets shall not be responsible for evaluation of information accuracy and its usefulness in any forms such as services, advice or opinion. As information contained by reports that we sell is not based on accounting, legal or any other professional opinion or advice and thus Credible Markets shall not be liable to its exact usability.

No refund policy

Given the fact that the nature of product and services that we provide i.e. market research reports falls under intellectual property, Credible Markets does not provide any refund. Considering the confidential nature of information included in reports that we sell, we cannot accept cancellation orders once booked or purchased or dispatched or delivered.

No return policy

Given the nature of products that we sell and services that we provide, Credible Markets has a no return policy after payments are processed and products delivered. It is desirable to thoroughly go through all the available information and clarify any kind of doubts regarding your particular purchase well before placing the order. You may contact us for queries related to relevance of a particular report or the report coverage.


Credible Markets shall accept all international payments only in USD (United States Dollars). In case of payments processed within India, the amount in INR is expected to be equivalent to USD prices that has been quoted for particular purchased reports, further adding 18% GST.

Report delivery

Please note that all reports that are purchased directly from are typically dispatched between 24-72 working hours after the purchase. This does not include purchases made on any public holidays or weekends, wherein delivery shall be completed on next working days. Credible Markets shall not be responsible in case of any direct or indirect loss or delayed delivery due to flood, fire, heavy rain, thunderstorm, any other natural calamity, war, riot, labor issue, embargo, civil disorder, pandemic, government restrictions of various kinds, transportation issue, road accident, act of God, explosion, or various other circumstances that are beyond control of sellers and delivery personnel.


Credible Markets makes sure that the website is accessible and all information is available. However, we do not warrant availability of information or accessibility of website, if it leads to any direct or indirect loss to you.

Permitted and limited use

You may download or simply access a particular material published on only to be viewed on your personal browser and for personal use. You may even print a single copy of the same for personal use. However, Credible Markets reserves all the rights and copyrights and notices on this particular material. It is thus not permitted in the agreement to be redistributed or republished anywhere else. You agree to adhere to limited use of material on Credible Markets, in compliance with all requisites and notices accompanying third party.

Provision against hacking

By accepting this agreement, you agree not to-

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  • Attempt to perform any action that may impose an unreasonable burden on the infrastructure and working of the website

Liability for advice

Please note that all information presented in reports sold by Credible Markets is solely for informational purpose and none of our offerings offers any legal or investment related advice. You agree to consult with market research advisors, for we shall not be responsible for outcome of any of your critical business decisions.


Any information that you send to for use of website or any other services is safeguarded. Credible Markets uses secure encryption technology and services to ensure security. However, please note that information transmission via internet is essentially insecure unless is encrypted, and the website is thus not warranted to be bug or virus or error free. Reasonable precautions should thus be taken by you to assure protection of your devices. We shall not be responsible for any loss of confidentiality or direct or indirect damage occurred due to electronic transmission or virus attack.

Third party links

The website may contain hyperlinks to some of relevant third party websites operated by organizations other than Credible Markets. Such links are provided within content exclusively for convenience of understanding and reference of readers. Any kind of inaccuracy, incompleteness or misinformation related to content presented on such third party websites shall not be a responsibility of Credible Markets, and terms & conditions for use of the same may differ from that of Presence of such content or links to such content on our website does not mean that Credible Markets endorses third party organizations or is liable to reliability and security of such content and its content.

Contractual obligation & injunction

You are supposed to be agree to indemnify Credible Markets and all its affiliations, and hold all its directors, authorities, officers, employees, agents, shareholders, assigns and successors harmless, against and from any costs, expenses, damages and liabilities that shall arise out of third party claims related to your activities related to or any breach of the mentioned terms & conditions by you. Please note that any damages caused may not be sufficient to opt for breach of these terms & conditions or infringement of our rights. Also, we are entitled to injunctions, delivery orders or any specific performance.


You will be completely liable for any kind of activities of you or others in your connection regarding use of services by Credible Markets or browsing the website. In case you are not satisfied with any of our products or services or material or terms & conditions for use, it is desirable to stop using our website or services, for we shall not be liable for paying you any dissatisfaction or damage or misinformation. Any material available on the website of Credible Markets or provided through any of our services shall not be warranted for its complete correctness, accuracy or entirety. We shall thus not be responsible for any kind of loss directly or indirectly leading from any of our services or material, whether or not partly or completely caused due to contingency or negligence beyond or within our control.

Credible Markets does not have control over any content presented in reports by our publishing partners; any inaccuracies in published report content will not be the responsibility of Credible Markets. Please note that we shall thus not be liable for the refund (partially or fully) of payment once your purchased report is dispatched. Neither Credible Markets nor third party content providers shall be responsible for any damage caused due to direct or indirect reliance on or non- access to any of material.

All services of Credible Markets are meant for exclusively for your personal use. We do not make any representation or provide any kind of implied or express warranty. Please note that your use of our services or information access is solely at your risk. We provide services ‘as available’ and ‘as is’. Credible Markets expressly disclaims warrants of any merchantability. Information available on the website is not meant to be used for any other purpose. Any transaction between any third party and you shall not involve Credible Markets, even if the website of the same third party is linked in any of our services. We shall not be and are not a party to any form of transaction between you and a third party.

Law & jurisdiction

This agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Maharashtra (India) and will be applicable to use of any of our services by you. By accepting this agreement, you are assumed to comply with all regulations, restrictions, laws and obligations that are applicable to you. It means that you agree the fact that the courts located in Pune/Mumbai in Maharashtra state (India) have an exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute, action or claim under this agreement. It also means that any exercise of personal jurisdiction in the State of Maharashtra (India) will have your consent. Any delay or failure in enforcement of any right shall be a refusal to the same or any other right. If in case one or more terms of this particular agreement held illegal, invalid, or are failed to be enforced, the rest of the agreement shall not be influenced at in any condition.

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